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How to Make Money Collecting Copper Pennies

Numerous financial backers who purchase gold and silver bullion currencies and mint piece gatherers who study mint pieces, have presumably never considered gathering copper pennies to make a beneficial benefit. You’ve most likely heard “better safe than sorry,” on the grounds that the modest penny is worth one penny. While most pennies merit a small assumed worth, did you realize that all copper pennies are worth twofold their assumed worth?

Pennies printed from 1909 to 1982 were made of 95% copper, and 5% zinc. You probably won’t consider copper worth a lot financially, however it is a critical metal. Copper is generally utilized in industry, particularly in electrical, development, transport, and numerous others territories. This is the reason copper gets a genuinely decent cost since it is additionally the best transmitter of power, doesn’t discolor and is pliable. To discover copper’s liquefy esteem, we need to realize that a pound of copper is at present worth about $3.12. 154 copper pennies equivalent one pound. So 3.12 partitioned by 154 is around 2 pennies for every penny.

Since each copper penny’s worth is 2 pennies, it very well may be a little venture. The more copper pennies you have, the more noteworthy the venture. Anyway, how would you actually get a copper penny for its assumed worth? To begin with, you can discover pennies before 1982 by looking at your regular change, or you can purchase moves from banks.


Notwithstanding the way that each copper penny is worth twice so much, its numismatic esteem is additionally significant. Analyzing the dates and states of each mint piece the manner in which a currency authority would, might give your copper significantly more worth. Yet, you don’t really have to have the information on a prepared mint piece authority. Numerous rolls contain more seasoned “wheat” pennies which were stamped before the advanced Lincoln penny (1959 – presently). It’s not difficult to detect a wheat penny – take a gander at the dates, stamped somewhere in the range of 1909 and 1959 and the opposite side on which the words “ONE CENT” are focused between two stalks of wheat.

Contingent upon condition, wheat pennies are more uncommon and more significant. The better the condition, the more they will be worth. At the point when I chase moves, I as a rule discover wheat pennies in “great” to “awesome” condition. These could get a cost of 10-15 pennies on eBay. It’s normal to discover numerous old wheat pennies and copper Lincoln/Memorials in a bank box of 50 rolls. To improve information about conditions and costs I would go on the web and quest for “estimation of pennies by year”, or “what’s my coin worth.” You can likewise purchase the most recent “Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins” which are accessible at book shops or on

Boxes of pennies you purchase from the bank contain $25 of pennies in 50 moves, which aggregates to 2,500 pennies. Except if you need to experience each roll and analyze every individually, you can purchase a copper penny arranging machine that allows you to isolate the coppers from the zincs. In case you’re not in a rush to isolate them, you can buy an essential “E-Z Copper Penny Sorter” from $30 to $60. For snappy arranging of loads of pennies, you will require a “Ryedale Apprentice Penny Sorter” which sells for $500.

Another motivation to gather copper pennies is that some time or another when the Mint removes them from course, it will be legitimate to soften them into bars. Bars are substantially more reasonable to set aside as opposed to clutching enormous containers or receptacles that can contain hundreds or even large number of pennies.

The magnificent preferred position you get when purchasing moves of flowed pennies is that it will not set you back more than what you paid for. It will not cost you a penny, in a manner of speaking, since you purchase the entirety of the moves of pennies at face esteem. Not exclusively will you find many copper pennies, however more seasoned wheat pennies, which just adds esteem.