How to configure Hotmail on a Mac?

configuration Hotmail on a Mac 05 May 2020

you were right; if you think Hotmail was a thing of the past, … sort of. Although Microsoft discontinued the service years ago and replaced it with, many users still have Hotmail addresses, and it is even possible to get a new Hotmail address. Users access their Hotmail addresses in their mail screen, and can be set up to copy the Hotmail email it receives to macOS Mail automatically

Step 1 of 10: Use your old Hotmail address in Mac Mail

Microsoft officially discontinued its Hotmail email service in 2013, but millions of people still have old Hotmail accounts that they may still want to use and old emails that they want to keep.

The bad news is that if you haven’t used your Hotmail account for more than 270 days, Microsoft’s terms and conditions allow it to make the account inactive – and it can be deleted completely. But, if your Hotmail account still exists, there are a number of options to get it back into action. You can sign in to your Hotmail account using a web browser on any Mac or PC, but we’ll also show you how to set it up using Apple Mail on your Mac.

Step 2 of 10: Is your Hotmail account active?

The quickest way to find out if your Hotmail account is still active is to go to This address no longer exists, so you will be automatically redirected to the new Outlook website and prompted for your Microsoft account details. This is a bit misleading because you can have separate Microsoft and Hotmail accounts.

Step 3 of 10: Hotmail or Outlook webmail

Le site Web Outlook vous offre une interface de messagerie Web typique, avec des options pour lire, écrire et organiser vos e-mails. Si, comme moi, vous n’avez pas utilisé votre compte Hotmail depuis un certain temps, vous verrez un e-mail de bienvenue contenant des conseils sur la façon de démarrer avec le nouveau service et sur la façon d’importer des e-mails et des informations de contact à partir d’autres e-mails. Prestations de service.

Step 4 of 10: Link Hotmail to

Microsoft wants you to abandon your old email accounts and use Outlook. So from time to time you will see a prompt at the bottom of the screen asking you to “Add email address”. It’s probably worth doing it now, as it looks like Outlook will be Microsoft’s main email system in the future.

Step 5 of 10: Create a new email address

To create a new email address, simply click on your name icon in the upper right corner of the browser window. This displays a drop-down menu that contains a number of different options related to your account. Click Account Settings to view your account details.

Step 6 of 10: Create multiple email addresses

This is where things get interesting – but also a little complicated. You can create multiple email addresses, called “aliases”, linked to your account. All emails sent to one of these addresses or aliases will go directly to the same inbox, so you can use different email addresses when writing to different people, but replies will always go to the same inbox. of receipt (unless otherwise indicated).

To maintain continuity with our old address, we will create a new Outlook email address – – similar to our old Hotmail address.

Step 7 of 10: Resuscitate old Hotmail email addresses

There is also another really interesting option. We mentioned that unused Hotmail accounts can be deleted by Microsoft after 270 days, but it is actually possible to resuscitate old email addresses if you click on the option labeled “Add an existing email address as an alias of Microsoft account “.

Step 8 of 10: Add Hotmail or Outlook Accounts to Mail

So far, we’ve just used the email features available on the website, using Safari on our Mac. These web features work well, but you’ll probably want to switch to using Apple Mail on your Mac at some point, especially since the website hits you with annoying ads every time you log in.

Step 9 of 10: Add a Hotmail Account to Mail

You can now simply launch Mail and select Add Account from the main Mail drop-down menu.
Click on “Add another e-mail account” then enter the details of your Hotmail or Outlook account in the window that appears.

Press the Alt (or Option) button on your keyboard and when you see the “Next” button appear, you can enter the server information we just got from the Apple website.

Click “Next” to continue adding information and your old Hotmail or Outlook email account will be up and running in Mail on your Mac in no time.

Step 10 of 10: Set up your Hotmail account in Mac Mail using IMAP

  • Ouvrez Mail et sélectionnez Mail dans la barre de menus
  • Accéder aux comptes
  • Cliquez sur +
  • Ajouter un autre compte> Compte de messagerie
  • Cliquez sur Continuer.
  • Tapez votre nom à côté de Nom (assurez-vous que c’est ainsi que vous voudriez que les autres le voient car c’est ce qui apparaîtra dans leur boîte de réception.
  • Tapez votre adresse Hotmail (par exemple, « ») à côté de l’adresse e-mail :.
  • Tapez votre mot de passe Windows Live Hotmail sous Mot de passe
  • Cliquez sur Connexion
  • Dans Type de compte, sélectionnez IMAP

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